Visual Communication Technologies, Inc. (VCT, Inc.) offers a broad spectrum of products and services focused on Brand Management.

Your unique identity, your brand, differentiates your products from your competitors’ offerings. VCT, Inc. specializes in helping you maintain consistency in your packaging designs, colors and fonts. Regardless of the printing discipline or substrate used, VCT, Inc. will assist you in strengthening your brand.

Anyone walking through the isles of local club stores, can detect the need for good brand management. Many of the products on the shelves from the same consumer product companies are inconsistent. In many cases colors that should have matched are completely different from product to product making it difficult for you to build brand loyalty with your customers.

VCT, Inc. works with your design department, marketing personnel, project managers, customer service representatives, print providers and ink suppliers to assure that all have consistent information to maintain your corporate identity. VCT, Inc. is hands-on and on-site. VCT, Inc. will assist with projects at any level within the development process – from concept design to completion – including press side support.